Viva Las Vegas 20

Another year, another Viva! And Viva never fails to deliver. Neither do Vegas!

I mean, look at this! What a sight for sore eyes! The barbecues at the House of Cheer never lets you down.

This year’s trip to Vegas was short. Too short. 10 days is not enough time to catch up for a whole year of separation from your second family! But, I’m just glad we could make it at all this time. Although a short visit it was packed with fun, friends and lots of love!

A few fellow Norwegian pinups went to Viva this year, too. Viva is SO HECTIC so I barely got the chance to hang out with them all, I wish I could have more time. And as a first timer at Viva I know it can be overwhelming! I bet next year will be better. Its easier when you get to know the schedule a bit and pick your favourite things you just have to attend, and just take it as it comes with the rest. I’m not a dancer so I’m not upstairs listening to music so much, hehe. I’m there for the car show, burlesque bingo and the tiki pool party! I got to see Brenda Lee and The Cleftones perform, though. Wow! Loved every minute of it! Tried to take decent pictures but I was too far away from stage. Also, tall people in front. Of course. This is a blurry pic of Brenda Lee and her grandson who is 14 (!) years old, twice as high as his grandmother! I can see why they called her Little Miss Dynamite, she is petite with but with a great voice! 

I didn’t take too much pictures this year because I suck at it :-p And I also like to enjoy the moment without looking at it through a screen.

I had two shoots this year, one with Kevin Myers from Coastal Expressions Pinup and Budoir and Pinup by Liz and Cherry Dollface. Liz and Cherry Dollface makes such a good team! I really enjoy shooting with them, they are both down to earth and super fun to be with. I have chosen my proofs from both shoots so now I’m just waiting for the edited images. Oh, the excitement!

Selfie! Red Dodge made me all pretty before the fetish shoot with Kevin Myers.

I’m trying to put the pictures to the left for the text but I just don’t get how to do it, so bear with me. I hate this.

I ordered a swimsuit for the pool party, not vintage, but a reproduction of the cover photo of «Bold» October 1955 issue. I love it! My first two piece I’ve worn in years. I just pray for a warm summer here so I can wear it more. I think I will have to do a cool shoot wearing it. Yes, indeed. As you can see from my screen shot, its from Wilmas Past on Etsy, and the seller is fantastic! If you want a custom made swimsuit, don’t hesitate to contact her!

As you can see, I marked my picture as a favourite, bahahaha. I ❤ me!

Viva went by in a flash this year. The whole trip did. But still we managed to do a little roadtrip this year too. We drove out to Seligman, the town that inspired the makers of the movie «Cars». Kinda cool to see!

This trip was filled with awesome sights, lots of laughter and pancakes. Sticky pancakes. I recommend you join us for a trip next year if you’re wondering what its all about (insert laughing smiley here). I also slept a lot while driving (I was in the back seat!) because this was after Viva and I barely slept during Viva! I can’t make it with no sleep. I can’t believe how little sleep we got this year, haha.

This is me trying to take a panoramic picture at the tiki pool party.

Viva celebrated 20 years this year and it was packed! The rooms sold out in two hours last year, and this year I was guarding my phone like a dog when they released the rooms for next year. I managed to get one! YASS. Its crazy how fast the rooms books once they are released. Apparently there was a huge line to get in to the pool party on Sunday too, but we got there early to get good spots and was lucky enough to get in before the others. Well, some pool guy sold us wristbands to get priority in line that turned out to be a hoax but we were allowed inside before the rest as a compensation. So it was all good. Spent most of the day by the pool, its such a nice way to cool down after Viva.

At the end of every visit to Vegas the Dr. of Leisure himself hosts a barbecue at the House of Cheer. Here you will find great people coming together to celebrate us leaving, haha. I enjoy having everyone gathered at his place, so I can have a chat with everyone before I leave. Always fun and always a little sad because it also means goodbye.

A slightly better panoramic picture of the backyard of our second home.
Spam the barber giving hair cuts by the pool
Sulema, Lady V Rockabella and I ❤

Sigh, how I miss all the people in Vegas! I just want to sell everything I own and go back. Seriously thinking of studying there after I finish my bachelor degree in two years. Why not? Life is for living and I am sick of just daydreaming about living there! Lets do this!

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