Body and acceptance

In February I got a PM on Facebook from a woman who works in advertising. She was wondering if I might be interested in being a part of a campaign.

The campaign is for the Olavsfestdagene here in Trondheim, an annual event that every year chooses a theme to focus on, and this year’s theme is «body». The tagline for the campaign is «what do you accept?» and involves 4 black and white images of people in different settings. If you visit the website you can read more about it (its in Norwegian). The short version:

This year’s theme for the festival 2018: BODY

We are all at the mercy of the body we have been given but none of us is an island – complete in ourselves. We breathe, live, want, think, feel, remember, get old, decay, die and disappear. We have strong opinions about our own and other’s bodies. Some wants to control our bodies. But what do you accept? Olavsfestdagene 2018 takes on the theme «body».

So I was like «this is interesting!» Being a part of the campaign meant that I had to get butt naked in front of the camera and also that pretty much everyone in my town would see it too. That was a weird feeling. I didn’t want that to stop me, after all, we all have a body beneath all our clothes and this is what I look like. No make up, no editing, no clothes. I think that the cause is so important that me getting naked is the easy part.

Image is from

People today really needs to step back and think. Think about body and acceptance, and why some have such strong reactions to it and also expressing exactly how they feel about it at all times. We live in a society where its ok to say whats on your mind, no matter how cruel it is. Because «its just my opinion» and «I’m entitled to have an opinion». That word, ENTITLED. I’m getting annoyed by all these people being so entitled to everything. Especially when it comes to negativity and spewing it out online. This isn’t just about body, but also about looks. How people express themselves through clothing or styling. Some people like to wear all black, others crazy colors. Some women have short hair, some men have long hair. Some men like to dress as women and some women choose to wear a hijab. And its really not up to us to tell those people that they are doing it wrong just because we think its wrong. Is it wrong..? Or is it just lack of acceptance from some people? Who gets to decide what is wrong or not?

Being completely normal (in the eyes of the society) isn’t the only way to be. Its ok to be normal but it is also ok to be different. Being skinny is not better than being fat, its just different. Being heterosexual is not better than being homosexual, its just different. As long as a person is happy we all should be happy. Happiness, love and acceptance for who we are and how we live our lives is pretty much all we need. Imagine getting none of that because of who you are…

I’m not the one to stand on barricades and creating a turmoil for what I believe in, but it doesn’t mean I don’t believe in anything. I just work my own way and this was for me the perfect occasion to put my money where my mouth is. Also, I think society needs more naked bodies in a non-sexualised context. People tend to think everything involving bare skin has to do with sex. And that is just sad. This is such an important subject in so many ways and I am so happy that Olavsfestdagene chose this theme! This is a big festival and I can’t wait to see what it brings! I’m thankful for getting this opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful campaign and its hard to believe its actually me up there! Surreal…!

I was surprised the images was released so early on, I was sure they would go public closer to the event in July, haha. I stopped by work to get some stuff on Saturday and my boss was like «you’re in the newspaper! I just opened the page, looked at the picture and then you came in the door.» I was kinda confused as to why I was in the newspaper but then I saw the picture. Like «whoa, already? Sorry I didn’t get to warn you!» Haha.

I say YES to bodies in all shapes and colors, and to people being themselves!

Fun fact: the photographer only works with natural light, all 4 images are taken with only daylight through the windows. It looks so beautiful and soft!

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