Guns n’ Buns

Today, my lovely readers, I did something I’ve never done before. I went to the gym at 6.30 in the morning. Thats a big deal for the Queen of Couch Potatoes! I’ve worked out at gyms before, for like, 4 years ago last time, but always at night or weekends. And now I haven’t been … Mer Guns n’ Buns

I had a dream!

Last night. One of those «I don’t get it dreams». I was at McDonald’s to buy sundae with my friend. She worked there but not that day. The person serving us the sundae was the restaurant manager, a girl at our age with a filthy rich dad as it turned out. We were eating our … Mer I had a dream!

Growing up

Inspired by Miss Evelyn-Jo and Dames For Dreams I thought I could tell a little about myself. As everyone else I was also a kid once, and a teenager. Growing up was good, I have a mom and a dad who’s been married forever and 3 older sisters. I came kinda late, 9 years after … Mer Growing up